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Understanding Your Money When You Travel To Cuba
Credit Cards
Useful to have in case of emergency.  They are accepted provided they are not backed by an American Bank.  Credit Cards are acceptable to pay for excursions, however the cost of your trip will be converted into dollars and then into sterling + an average of 2.75% handling fee.  If you draw cash on your Credit Card from a bank in Cuba the same conversion will apply + the handling fee + interest is charged from the day of advance.
Debit Cards
Debit cards are a bit of a grey area.  ATM machines are not widely available and if they are, they don’t always work.  If you withdraw cash you will be charged between 11 and 13% by the bank.
Travelers Checks
Little more process involved here.  You must have the original receipt and your passport with you to the bank or else they will not cash your Travelers Checks.
Cash (Best Choice)
You can only exchange your money once you are in Cuba because Cuban currency is not traded internationally.  There are 2 currencies in Cuba, CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) and CUP (Cuban Peso).  CUC is what you will likely be using as this is the Tourist Currency (CUP is the locals currency).  Exchange a little cash at a time so you don’t have to much CUC’s when you leave (keeping only a few for drinks/food at the airport and tips.  If you are taking a taxi back to the airport, put back 25 CUC’s per person in notes (no change accepted).  Here is an idea of what the exchange rate looks like today.  Be sure and print a copy right before you leave so you are comparing the most recent exchange rates.
Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) to US Dollar (USD)
Interbank rate for Tuesday, November 3, 2015
1 = 1.00 10 = 10.00 100 = 100
2 = 2.00 15 = 15.00 200 = 200
3 = 3.00 20 = 20.00 300 = 300
4 = 4.00 25 = 25.00 400 = 400
5 = 5.00 30 = 30.00 500 = 500
6 = 6.00 35 = 35.00 600 = 600
7 = 7.00 40 = 40.00 700 = 700
8 = 8.00 45 = 45.00 800 = 800
9 = 9.00 50 = 50.00 900 = 900
FXCheatSheet for Travelers
© 1997-2015 by OANDA, Corp.
60 = 60.00 Interbank rate
Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)
US Dollar (USD)
November 3, 2015
70 = 70.00
80 = 80.00
90 = 90.00
Put it into your wallet before you travel.
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Costa Rica – Come and Visit

Costa Rica Calling All Explorers!

Ready to spend 10 days immersed in Costa Rica?  As a Collette Specialist, we are able to offer this tour at an amazing price.  You’ll visit the Green Turtle Research Station, spend a few nights in Tortuguero National Park that protects 13 endangered species, and enjoy an exciting rafting adventure down the Corobici River.  You’ll also visit the Maleku Indigenous Reserve, spend an overnight at the foot of the Tenorio Volcano.  The tours surrounds you in chocolate, coffee, pineapple, craft beer and spice along the way.  And get ready for not only one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park but a spectacular view of the Vila Blanca Cloud Forest outside your individual casitas!

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Cuba is Open! Apple Vacations New Tour


Apple Vacations Due to the great interest in the People-to-People Educational Travel Program to Cuba, Apple Vacations adds another tour to their line up!  Choose from a 5 night Havana Getaway, or 7 nights experiencing the Colors of Cuba (includes Getaway to Havana plus 2 additional nights in Trinidad) and the newest tour, Seascape Discovery, which includes 4 nights in Havana and 3 nights in Varadero with accommodations at Iberostar Resorts!  Want to stay longer and experience more?  Our Travel Team also offers a 9 night Cuba tour with Collette Tours.

Take advantage of the opportunity to see this island as it is now, before it changes with the times.


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