Secrets The Vine the New standard in Cancun, Mexico!

This was Secrets first hotel in Cancun and they set the standard high!  We have been to several Secrets hotels and this one is our favorite.  My husband and I were at another hotel and had a day pass to the Secrets The Vine as it had just recently opened.

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In a matter of hours, we had checked out of the one we were at and checked into The Secrets The Vine.  The minute you walk into the hotel, you know you are in for something great – it’s a beautiful modern looking hotel with an enormous glassed in wine cellar   “Living Room” (Lobby) features Cancun’s first fireplace, cozy chairs and couches all around, games, books – everything to feel like you are at home.  Since we checked into the Preferred Club rooms, our butler came to greet us, collect our bags and bring us to our room.  The rooms are amazing – very modern and large.  The lighting is automatic when doors are opened/shut.  And no worrying about slipping on any marble flooring – the floors are some sort of wood/Pergo flooring – beautiful and safe!  But the best part is the view!  You have a huge sliding glass door that opens to your incredible balcony with an amazing view!  The best part – you don’t even have to get out of bed for the view, you can see it from there!  Out of all the rooms we’ve stayed in, these are simply incredible.
All ala carte dining with NO reservations required.  The food is superior to ANY all-inclusive hotel chain in the world!  We ate at the Grill, the Peruvian restaurant and the Caribbean restaurant. It’s all gourmet and they start each meal with a nice refreshing pallet cleanser. The food is wonderful and the service is even better. There is indoor and outdoor seating at every restaurant. The Caribbean restaurant is only outside dining but it is a roof top restaurant with stunning sunset views.  At many of the restaurants the Chef actually delivers your entree and they come out to check on you at the end of your meal.  They even show up at the pool!  We were in the pool one day and all of a sudden about 15 chefs come running out to the pool area with trays of delicious hors devours. The hotel also has 24 hour room service and when they deliver they bring in a table complete with a white table-cloth for you to eat on. It is like having your own little dining room!  If wine is your thing, then The Vine is definitely your hotel.  They have wine tasting in the lobby area every day and they have an impressive wine list. They also have a sommelier on site that runs the wine tasting and at dinner will help you with your wine pairing. We thought the house wines were excellent but they have any type of wine or champagne you might want. They do not try to sell you the more expensive wines and you are always welcome to sample before you purchase a bottle.
The beach is gorgeous.  It’s very large with white fluffy sand and beach waiter service. There are 3 pools in the main area and a private one for the Preferred Club. The Secrets The Vine does not have a swim up bar. This actually was a nice change compared to nearly all other hotels. And no need for one with the waiter service at the pool – they are outstanding.  It also made the pool area more enjoyable and clean!  The Secrets is a high-rise hotel so it is so easy to get around.  From the “Living Room” / Lobby you have five bars within a 2 minute walk.  The elevators are fast and we never waited for more than a minute or two.
And let’s not forget the gorgeous wood pier to walk out from the hotel with a spectacular view and a great picture moment!

All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Honeymoon-Suite All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Library-1 All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Master-Suite-Bedroom-1 All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Master-Suite-Motorized All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Master-Suite-Bathroom-1 All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-Red-Pian-Bar-1 All-Inclusive-Resorts-Mexico-Riviera-Maya-Adults-Only-Resorts-Secrets-Resorts-Secrets-The-Vine-The-Vine-Cafe-1


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