Travel Back in Time! Visit Cuba Today!

We've Been There!
We’ve Been There!
The Window of Opportunity is Open. Travel Back in Time! Visit Cuba TODAY.
Cuba – a place stuck in time and all but closed for more than nearly half a century to Americans.  Finally, thanks to some of the travel restrictions being lifted, Americans can explore Cuba.  Cuba is an island nation rich in history, culture, beauty and natural resources.  Tourism will allow for growth and change to the island itself, pulling them out of the time warp they have been in since the American trade embargo started in 1960. You want to visit Cuba today before Starbucks moves in! Cubans are not car collectors who cherish their 50’s relics. They simply couldn’t get anything better due to the trade embargo.  Cuba is also still “unplugged”.
Take the opportunity to see this island as it is now, before it changes with the times.  People-to-People Educational Travel is booking fast!  5 nights, 7 nights, 9 nights? Don’t miss out!!!
We offer Cuba Travel with Apple Vacations and Collette.
Contact Travis Paquin today at 1-800-789-9651

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