Australia and New Zealand Hot Deal!



If you have not been to Australia and New Zealand, here’s your chance at an amazing price! The dates available are 5/5/2016, 6/2/2016, and 9/06/2016 at $5999 with all air, land, hotels and most meals! This is an unbelievable deal – Call Today!!

Australia New Zeland Fiji Tour Map Collette-Guided-Tours-Travis-Paquin-Our-Travel-Team--Australia -New-Zeland-Fiji-Mountain-Shot Collette-Guided-Tours-Travis-Paquin-Our-Travel-Team-Australia-New Zeland-Fiji Mountain-Water-Shot Collette-Guided-Tours-Travis-Paquin-Our-Travel-Team-Australia-New-Zeland-Fiji Kangaroo-shot Collette-Guided-Tours-Travis-Paquin-Our-Travel-Team-Clear-Ocean-Fish-Pic

Travis Paquin, Travel Agent

We've Been There!
We’ve Been There!

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