Our Travel Team believes that everyone deserves to travel

Our Travel Team is VERY proud to announce that we are a Special Needs Group®(SNG) Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. We have joined an elite group of Travel Professionals who understand the scope and importance of the accessible travel/special needs market.
Our Travel Team believes that everyone deserves to travel.  We believe in the core mission of SNG, which is to make travel a more viable, enjoyable, accessible experience for persons with special needs. We can arrange for a broad range of special needs equipment including wheelchair, power chair and scooter rentals, oxygen units and oxygen rentals, audio and visual aide rentals, baby crib rentals and other essential items to maximize your traveling and vacationing experience. For your convenience, rental equipment is delivered directly to the cruise state room, the hotel, resort, theme park or convention center.
Our Travel Team is a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate.  That means that we can even help you with these requests on a vacation we didn’t book for you.
Call us for assistance! 1-800-789-9651
We've Been There!
We’ve Been There!

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