Our Travel Team is Fishy

We've Been There!
We’ve Been There! Let Us Do the Work!

One of the benefits of my long tenure in corporate America was the excellent training we received. We work each day to implement some of these principles in our operations at Our Travel Team. Many years ago we were introduced to the “Fish” philosophy. This came from the World Famous Seattle Fish Market. It is pretty simple, but effective. It speaks of a few simple things to practice every day with each customer.

Play, Make Their Day, Be There and Choose your attitude.

Have fun at work. Yes it is possible. It is hard for someone to resist a good time. If someone is frustrated and feeling down and they deal with someone who is positive and upbeat they will absorb some of that energy! Being there is about truly being tuned in. I was at class nearly every day in school but was rarely, tuned in. Choosing your attitude is the foundation to the entire program. The key is recognizing that whether you want to or not, YOU choose your attitude. This is a conscious decision we make each day.

Try this with your business, office and family. This will work wonderful with your kids! Our Travel Team is committed to our clients and we are striving to make our agency as Fishy as possible!

Visit us at  www.OurTravelTeam.com


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